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Seaside vacations in South Africa

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Hartenbos beach break

Hartenbos is one of the most popular holiday resorts in the Western Cape and thousands of residents from the northern provinces spend their summer holiday here.

The beautiful and safe lagoon of the Hartenbos River lends itself superbly to family holiday sport, from swimming to surfing, while angling for shad and white Steenbras is the favorite pastime of the more patient. Colourful kiosks line the main street during the holiday season selling an array of goods, from delectably fresh seafood to clothing.

At Seariver we want to assure that our visitors make unforgettable memories while staying at our units. The units are well and simply equipped to provide everything that guests may need to assure that they can only rest, relax and LIVE!

Safe beaches offer tranquil walking and swimming.

Hartenbos Seefront Fun park

Boasting an endless variety of activities and entertainment options, it is guaranteed the whole family will have an absolute ball all day long!

Sea Cruises & Fishing Trips

Enjoy a day’s fishing, or simply cruise around past the historic Infanta holiday village, onto one of the oldest lighthouses along the coast, all the time in winter dodging those whales. Learn about the local seabird population, fishing resources and those whales.


We hope you will have a great stay in Hartenbos and that it will be an enjoyable experience for you.
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